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My name is Julian Parkinson, a British born architectural photographer + filmmaker in Eastern Canada with studio bases in Halifax, NS and Vaughan, ON.


In my experience, a successful architecture film is reliant upon several factors - expertly captured architectural images is pretty much a given of course, but where these things can really shine is when we add people describing the positive influence of a project on their everyday lives.


Authenticity is at the heart of everything I do in video and I'm well versed in getting to the 'story' that can thread a project together making it something that people will want to watch. Back in 2012 I noticed that there wasn't a lot of great video content in architecture, and what did exist seemed to have been produced by people that were not particularly adept in presenting architecture projects in their best light. Quite literally! For my films I use the exact same tilt shift lenses that I use for photography which means buildings are upright, verticals are straight and compositions are possible that you just cannot do with regular lenses.


I'm a brutally honest, self-critical filmmaker who is constantly striving to create better films with each project I embark on. My skills in directing corporate video, television commercials and documentaries give me a firm backdrop of confidence for probing to extract a story that matters. Don't get me wrong, sometimes a simple beauty video of a project is all it needs too.


I welcome inquiries for all types of architecture and interior design related projects across Canada whether this be corporate profiles or specific to a project or to showcase multiple projects. Everything is possible.

The first question I get asked about this type of work is 'How much does will it cost to make a video?' and my response is 'How much does it cost to make a building?' - of course this is not very helpful but it's a quick way to illustrate that costs can vary widely, however, pricing is quite easy for me to calculate once I know the variables which are broken down roughly like this.


Creative design & ideas
Organization of filming dates & gear required
Identifying who will be on camera and when
Where is the project located - what travel costs are involved
How many people do we need to film the project
How many days required to film
Do we need timelapses at dusk/dawn


Filming days x crew required (many times it's just me!)


Editing - a best guess calculation of hours of editing required
Background music license
Voice over requirements
Do you need cut down versions for social media


These factors apply to all projects, regardless of their scale. Contrary to common assumption, the duration of a video has little to do with the end price. Generally speaking, a 15 minute piece that is filmed in one location in one day is less costly to produce than a 2 minute video that is filmed in three locations over 3 days.



For corporate films, business profiles and advertising services please check out my production company Format Films 

The Gear / Sony FS7

Sony FS7


I shoot primarily with a Sony FS7 video camera with Canon Tilt Shift and Zeiss Distagon lenses which provide me with highly detailed images in all situations. This camera is capable of both HD & 4K resolution capture and has the benefit of incredible slowmotion & timelapse so everything can be shot on the same device which dramatically speeds up filming operations.


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