I’ve done a few things in my time but all roads always lead me back to photography

My working life started in an accounting department for one of the UK’s largest mountain sports stores. Believe it or not, I didn’t get on with accounting. I went through a period of being a delivery driver and ended up running 10 snowboarding stores and acting as the product buyer for several years. That was a blast, but I moved on to sell snowboarding brands to retail stores (working with Sessions, Etnies, ThirtyTwo, 5150 and others) at a friend’s product distribution company. I’m no salesman and I don’t care who knows so it was time to move on to my next role where I did the marketing and ran the e-commerce operations for the UK’s most successful snowboarding stores, as well as for Westbeach out of Vancouver. 

I did lots of other stuff along the way including snowboarding, product and fashion photography, playing guitar in a touring band, and we even got to play with Green Day before they went on to bigger things.

After a whole bunch of crazy busy years I relocated my family to Canada in 2011 for a fresh start and a quieter life. At that point I decided to re-ignite my photography work and focus on architecture….which was what I really wanted to do when I started my working journey. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by friends and family who were architects so this was written deep in to my code.

Today, I work with Canadian Architects, Construction Companies and Interior Designers who have come to trust my creative direction to produce high quality images for marketing, awards submissions, documenting and project bidding purposes.

Now with studio bases in Alberta and Nova Scotia, it’s become much easier to photograph a wide variety of projects across Canada and work with some of the most talented people in the process.

It’s a team effort to produce decent, meaningful images, clicking the shutter button is the easy part and I’ve been working with a full-time production assistant who is equally responsible for all the great work we’ve done since 2016.