Architecture & Interiors Photography Licensing

These terms can be differ from one photographer to another so it is important that you read and understand them. I endeavour to keep my licensing terms fair, clear and concise, but if you’re ever in doubt on any particular matter, please just email me and I will explain without delay.

Images are licensed only to your company
As the original commissioning entity or licensed image purchaser you have full usage rights in perpetuity for all types of media and promotion pertaining to your company.


  • Publish on your website
  • Use in print media – magazines, posters, promos
  • Use on your social media accounts (on Instagram please tag @julianparkinson)
  • Use in award submissions
  • Incorporate into your commercial RFPs and internal/external documents
  • Share images with sub-trades/other companies (without prior permission from the photographer)
  • Gift the images to anyone (without prior permission from the photographer)
  • Apply any Instagram filters or alter images in any way

Images are licensed to one organization & each additional profit making partner must pay a fee to use the images for their marketing (even if it’s ‘only’ for Instagram).

In accordance with Canadian law, I (the photographer) own the copyright.

Anyone interested in acquiring the images for commercial use should be directed to me by email at

Cost Sharing

A multi-partner cost share covers the additional licensing so that each partner can legally use the images for commercial purposes. The more partners that get involved, the lower the fees payable by each partner. Cost shares are only available prior to a shoot.