Architecture + Interiors Photography Licensing

Photography Licensing sounds like a thorny, complicated subject but it honestly isn’t. 
These terms can be differ from photographer to photographer, I however, keep my licensing terms fair, clear and concise.

What can we do with your images?

As the original commisioning party for a set of images you are able to use the images in all types of media forever without needing further permission for usage. That includes website, printed matter, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc etc. You do not need to worry about it. You can also share the images with your client free of charge as long as they are not used commercially. So for example if it’s a home owner that’s all good, if it’s for a property developer and they start using the images for promoting their services – that requires a license fee to be paid.


What can’t we do with your images?

Sharing images with sub-trades, builders, partners etc is not encouraged, however, I know everyone does this. It’s ok them having the images on file as a record of the job, but once they start using the images commercially they will need to pay a fee to license the images for their use. This includes on their Instagram/social media accounts, use in proposal documents and anything that is public/trade facing or intended to make profit.

What is the correct procedure?

If you would like to share the images with sub-trades, builders, partners etc – you must inform me, or put your partner in contact with me at I can provide them with a fair quote for their specific needs. Usually they don’t need the full image set so licensing individual photos suites them best.


Ideally, before a shoot takes place we can arrange a multi-party cost share which can lower the cost of a photoshoot (and licensing) so that everyone receives the full image set but for a fee that is divided between them. This helps any marketing budget go much further.


If you are at all in doubt, please just email me. I make things as easy as possible.